Perceptual category learning and visual processing: An exercise in computational cognitive neuroscience

George Cantwell, Maximilian Riesenhuber, Jessica L. Roeder, F. Gregory Ashby (2017)

Neural Networks

The field of computational cognitive neuroscience (CCN) builds and tests neurobiologically detailed computational models that account for both behavioral and neuroscience data. This article leverages a key advantage of CCN–namely, that it should be possible to interface different CCN models in a plug-and-play fashion–to produce a new and biologically detailed model of perceptual category learning. The new model was created from two existing CCN models: the HMAX model of visual object processing and the COVIS model of category learning. Using bitmap images as inputs and by adjusting only a couple of learning-rate parameters, the new HMAX/COVIS model provides impressively good fits to human category-learning data from two qualitatively different experiments that used different types of category structures and different types of visual stimuli. Overall, the model provides a comprehensive neural and behavioral account of basal ganglia-mediated learning.